Harry enjoys a relaxing afternoon by the Fasano Hotel pool - 5/08 [HQs]

Charlotte, NC. 9.27.14



cydneysings: Harry ❤️


Charlotte, NC. September 27, 2014


New pic from 1D wwabook app (mine) 

above: “Harry training in Oslo at the top of a mountain”

Backstage in New Orleans - 25.09.2014 (x)

little white lies 25/09


caitykrone:  Today @harrystyles told me he listened to my songs and that he liked them and here we are under the Agua Dulce sunset..I am so happy. Thank you for giving me courage and confidence. I look up to you so much. Thank you thank you. 😭❤️

I think the funnest part about touring is the interaction with fans at the shows. I think when you, kind of, get to see someone’s face that close up and you can, kind of, almost talk to them and mess around. That’s the funnest part. +